Not Being Funny But…

…what is really worse?  Biting somebody in the heat of the moment when the adrenaline is pumping or deliberately putting your studs into somebody’s leg in a manner that could break a bone/finish a career?  I find this whole Luis Saurez thing weird.  Biting is primal type of behaviour.  It’s almost an involuntary act that can happen in the heat of the moment.  I don’t believe what Saurez did was calculated in any way.  I am obviously not condoning it but at the same time I truly believe there are far, far worse things that happen on a football pitch, and in other sports, that deserve far worse punishments.  Roy Keane admitted that he tried to end Haaland’s career for example.  That was a far worse thing than Saurez biting Chielini.  The over-reaction from the media has been hilarious.  Alan Shearer for example calling for major punishment – well he kicked Neil Lennon square in the head when playing for Newcaslte against Leicester.  Totally deliberate, exceptionally dangerous…nobody called for his career to be ended.  And what about Stuart Hogg during Scotland v Wales rugby this year.  One of the worst, life threatening challenges you could see – he just played on Scotland’s tour of the USA.  I say we get a little perspective.  Saurez has biten somebody on the football field.  Fucking stupid but like the Daily Mash said – he’s not a Sumatran Tiger…Chielini will be ok and play on.  I know it’s the third time he’s done it BUT how many times did Roy Keane, Patrick Viera and many more deliberately hurt other players?  And what about Pepe’s headbutt on Mueller…how is that less of an offence!?  I am so confused.


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