William Ryan Fritch

My friend William Ryan Fritch is one of the most talented composers I know. I have been lucky enough, through Lost Tribe Sound’s connection, to have been able to work with him on a number of things.  He contributed his talents to a track on ‘White Rooms’, the second Graveyard Tapes record.  He has been helping myself and Ben Chatwin out on a few tracks to be released on our debut record together as Blood Language and he and I (as glacis), along with Ali Millar and Gregory Euclide, have been working together on a collaboration that we are very excited about.   Working with him is a joy.  Not only is he one of the nicest people I have met in this world of music but he’s also stupidly talented.  In fact, due to the vast amount of work he has come out with of late, our label has a subscription package called ‘The Leave Me Sessions’ which allows you to collect all the various WRF records coming out bit by bit.  Here is the deal:

The Leave Me Sessions Series includes:
Emptied Animal (CD)
Emptied Animal Mini EP (Download Card)
Leave Me Like You Found Me (CD)
Her Warmth EP (Download Card)
Revisionist (Deluxe 12″ Vinyl Book)
Heavy EP (Download Card)
Empty EP (Download Card)
• Subscribers Only Exclusive – The Old Believers OST (Download Code)
• Subscribers Only Exclusive – The Sum Of Its Parts OST (Download Code)
New Words For Old Wounds (Download Code)
• Subscription Discount of 10% off our store’s retail price
• All three physical albums shipped a week before their release dates
• Download codes on all releases (Choice of 24 Bit FLAC, 320 MP3)
Music for Film Vol. I (The first 50 Subscribers receive a postcard format download) (All subscribers will receive a download code for this release)

The Death Blues & WRF Series Bundle includes:
• All of the above in the Leave Me Sessions Series
• Plus, Death Blues Ensemble (Deluxe 12″ Vinyl Book)
• Plus all the discounts and exclusive perks of series listed above. The digital download card for Ensemble with arrive with the physical LP only, and will not be sent by email

I am not sure what else I can say about William.  His original soundtrack for ‘The Waiting Room’ was incredible enough but add all these solo works along with his work with Jon Mueller on Death Blues ‘Ensemble’ and it’s hard not to think you are dealing with one of the world’s true genius musicians.  What really gets me though is that whilst I thought he was a brilliant composer, I had no idea that he could sing so well.  I mean, I was holding on to the fact that he couldn’t be brilliant at everything…

…so, here’s a few links and a video of him at work.  Please check out his work.  You will not be disappointed.

Lost Tribe Sound

WRF Subscription Series

Death Blues ‘Ensemble’

TSP Conversation

William Ryan Fritch – Behind The Scenes Part I (The Leave Me Sessions) from Lost Tribe Sound on Vimeo.

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