Piano Day – Day 5 – Lubomyr Melnyk

download (2)

I am not sure what to say about this man.  I think his playing speaks more about his gift than I ever could.  And it’s in his piano pieces that I am absorbed.  Not so much when his work employs the use of vocals.  In a similar way to Olafur Arnalds recent work, the vocals detract – for me – from the incredible technical abilities of the man.  Like Frahm and Arnalds, he is signed to Erased Tapes but unlike Frahm and Arnalds he is a much more complex pianist.  Not to say the other two are not technically gifted – Frahm, at least, is an incredible pianist – but where they seek space within their music, at times Melnyk’s work is suffocating with its intensity and unrelenting pace and nature.  And it’s in these moments that we see the true genius of the man.  Gifted wouldn’t come close to doing him justice.   The continuous waves of sound he creates are hypnotic, transporting you away from real life and in to a world he has created for us to exist in for the duration of his work.  It’s spell binding.  Which is of course, the intention.  His style sets him apart from his contemporaries and yet, sits him firmly in the same bracket.  To see this man live would be an incredible experience.  One I hope will be possible in the not too distant future.  See for yourself.


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